Luiza Guimaraes

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RNA viruses comprise vast populations of closely related, but highly genetically diverse, entities known as quasispecies. Understanding the mechanisms by which this extreme diversity is generated and maintained is fundamental when approaching viral persistence and pathobiology in infected hosts. In this paper we access quasispecies theory through a(More)
We have evaluated the sensitivity of the classical blood subinoculation method, modified through cyclophosphamide treatment of transferred mice, for the detection of occult parasitaemias in Trypanosoma cruzi chronically infected mice. Besides its simplicity, the method was shown to be highly sensitive for both the "chronic" phase parasites (99% of chronic(More)
To investigate functional changes in Trypanosoma cruzi parasites induced during their interaction with the vertebrate host, we compared the blood clearance profiles of blood forms isolated from infected normal mice (Reg-Tc) or from infected mice immunodepressed after treatment with cyclophosphamide (Cy-Tc). Parasite blood numbers were measured at various(More)
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