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We present an approach for decorating surfaces with <i>progressively-variant textures</i>. Unlike a homogeneous texture, a progressively-variant texture can model local texture variations, including the scale, orientation, color, and shape variations of texture elements. We describe techniques for modeling progressively-variant textures in 2D as well as for(More)
In this paper we introduce 4–8 subdivision, a new scheme that generalizes the four-directional box spline of class to surfaces of arbitrary topological type. The crucial advantage of the proposed scheme is that it uses bisection refinement as an elementary refinement operation, rather than more commonly used face or vertex splits. In the uniform case,(More)
Recently, community ecologists are focusing on the relative importance of local environmental factors and proxies to dispersal limitation to explain spatial variation in community structure. Albeit less explored, temporal processes may also be important in explaining species composition variation in metacommunities occupying dynamic systems. We aimed to(More)
—Kinect is a device introduced in November 2010 as an accessory of Xbox 360. The acquired data has different and complementary natures, combining geometry with visual attributes. For this reason, Kinect is a flexible tool that can be used in applications from several areas such as: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision and Human-Machine(More)
We show that a simple modification of the power crust algorithm for surface reconstruction produces correct outputs in presence of noise. This is proved using a fairly realistic noise model. Our theoretical results are related to the problem of computing a stable subset of the medial axis. We demostrate the effectiveness of our algorithm with a number of(More)
The use of attribute maps for 3D surfaces is an important issue in Geometric Modeling, Visualization and Simulation. Attribute maps describe various properties of a surface that are necessary in applications. In the case of visual properties, such as color, they are also called texture maps. Usually, the attribute representation exploits a parametriza-tion(More)
Storytelling is an essential activity in the life of children. By listening or sharing their stories and ideas they give meaning to their world and practice their communication skills. Even though today computers are already present in a child's world, there is a difference between software programs developed for them and specific programs that allow them(More)
This paper presents a novel segmentation method to assist the rigging of articulated bodies. The method computes a coarse-to-fine hierarchy of segments ordered by the level of detail. The results are invariant to deformations, and numerically robust to noise, irregular tessellations, and topological short-circuits. The segmentation is based on two key(More)