Luiz Lehmman Coutinho

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BACKGROUND Repulsive guidance molecules (RGM) are high-affinity ligands for the Netrin receptor Neogenin, and they are crucial for nervous system development including neural tube closure; neuronal and neural crest cell differentiation and axon guidance. Recent studies implicated RGM molecules in bone morphogenetic protein signaling, which regulates a(More)
Myostatin is a negative regulator of skeletal muscle growth. We evaluated effects of myostatin polymorphisms in three elite commercial broiler chicken lines on mortality, growth, feed conversion efficiency, ultrasound breast depth, breast percentage, eviscerated carcass weight, leg defects, blood oxygen level, and hen antibody titer to infectious bursal(More)
anism would thus be a new way to form a tube. As the generation of the lumen and of the tube itself requires the apparition of an apical domain, we decided to investigate how part of the lateral domain becomes apical. Our first results, using transgenes driven by brachyury regulating sequences, show that several proteins classically involved in(More)
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