Luiz Henrique M. Fonseca

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UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY New primers were developed for Bignonieae to enable phylogenetic studies within this clade using herbarium samples. • METHODS AND RESULTS Internal primers were designed based on available sequences of the plastid ndhF gene and the rpl32-trnL intergenic spacer region, and the nuclear gene PepC. The resulting primers were(More)
The chloroplast is one of the most important organelles of plants. This organelle has a circular DNA with approximately 130 genes. The use of plastid genomic data in phylogenetic and evolutionary studies became possible with high-throughput sequencing methods, which allowed us to rapidly obtain complete genomes at a reasonable cost. Here, we use(More)
Dolichandra is a genus of lianas found in dry and wet Neotropical forests. The genus currently includes eight species and is well characterized by molecular and morphological synapomorphies. Here, Macfadyenahispida (DC.) Seemann is removed from synonomy with Dolichandrauncata (Andrews) L.G. Lohmann based on the presence of the hispid indument, vinaceus(More)
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