Luiz Guilherme G. Silveira

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 The configuration of theoretical courses complemented by "hands on" laboratories has been shown effective to internalize theory, give concrete context and enhance skills. However, learning the "hands on" tools dispenses usually unaffordable time; that is particularly true for computer programming, since the amount of programming language taught during(More)
The growth hormone 1 gene (GH1) is a candidate gene for body weight and weight gain in cattle since it plays a fundamental role in growth regulation. We investigated the GH1 gene AluI and DdeI restriction enzyme polymorphisms, located 149 bp apart in the cattle genome, as possible markers of the production potential of Canchim crossbreed cattle, a 5/8(More)
We demonstrate 2 novel mutations of the LHCGR, each homozygous, in a 46,XY patient with severe Leydig cell hypoplasia. One is a mutation in the signal peptide (p.Gln18_Leu19ins9; referred to here as SP) that results in an alteration of the coding sequence of the N terminus of the mature mutant receptor. The other mutation (p.G71R) is also within the(More)
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