Luiz Fernando

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  • Marcelo F Moreno, Carlos De, S Soares Neto, Antônio Tadeu, De A Gomes, Sérgio Colcher +2 others
  • 2003
– The increasing demand for distributed multimedia applications makes evident the need for end-to-end quality of service (QoS) provisioning. Particularly, operating systems, despite their location at end systems, switches or routers, must guarantee that resources under their control are adequately managed to fulfill the application requirements. This work(More)
  • Neves Suelen, Boschetto, Paulo César Ribas, Luiz Fernando, Jesus Bernardo
  • 2002
This paper addresses the problem of developing an optimisation structure to aid the operational decision-making of scheduling activities in a real-world pipeline network. During the scheduling horizon, many batches are pumped from (or passing through) different nodes (refineries, harbours or distribution terminals). Pipelines are shared resources operated(More)
  • Luiz Fernando, Wurdig Roesch, Frederico Costa, Beber Vieira, Alves Pereira, Adriano Luis Schünemann +4 others
  • 2009
Biodiversity is one of the most fundamental properties of Nature. It underpins the stability of ecosystems, provides vast bioresources for economic use, and has important cultural significance for many people. The Pampa biome, located in the southernmost state of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sul, illustrates the direct and indirect interdependence of humans and(More)
In this paper, authors present a formal description of the algorithm for the construction of N-parametric equations, which provides the attainment of any set of dilation coefficients from a set of N angles that sum π/2. These coefficients can be used to construct any dimensional Wavelet filter bank to be applied to analysis and reconstruction of specific(More)
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