Luiz Fernando Kubrusly

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PURPOSE To fabricate a three-dimensional biomodels of intracranial aneurysms, using rapid prototyping technology, to facilitate optimal anatomical visualization of aneurysms prior to and during surgery. METHODS Four intracranial aneurysms cases were selected for this study. Using CT angiography images, the rapid prototyping process was completed using a(More)
Between 1956 and June 1984, 201 patients with uncomplicated total anomalous pulmonary venous return (TAPVR) were operated on at the Texas Heart Institute and Texas Children's Hospital. Two groups were previously reported that included periods from 1955 to 1964 and from 1964 to 1972. From 1972 until 1984, 76 patients were operated on for uncomplicated TAPVR.(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present investigation is to determine if the tissue reaction to the Riccinus communis (mamona) polymer has significant statistical difference compared to the tissue reaction provoked by the titanium implant. METHODS Thirty two Cavia porcellus were divided into four groups containing eight animals each one. We implanted the two(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of the present investigation was to determine whether the difference in inflammatory tissue reaction between the Riccinus communis (castor) polymer with calcium carbonate and the titanium implant is statistically significant. METHODS Thirty-two Cavia porcellus were allocated into four groups of eight animals each. We implanted the two(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the behavior of castor oil-derived polyurethane as a hemostatic agent and tissue response after abdominal aortic injury and to compare it with 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate. METHODS Twenty-four Guinea Pigs were randomly divided into three groups of eight animals (I, II, and III). The infrarenal abdominal aorta was dissected, clamped(More)
Aneurysm of the left main coronary artery is a rare angiographic finding, with few cases described in the international literature. We report the case of a 42-year-old male with a previous history of acute myocardial infarction, whose coronariography indicated triple vessel coronary disease and an aneurysm of the left main coronary artery. A review of the(More)
OBJECTIVE to compare endoscopic and histopathologic features of superficial, elevated lesions with one or more centimeters in diameter, diagnosed by videocolonoscopy on the distal and proximal colon, and subjected to mucosal resection. METHODS we conducted a retrospective, cross-sectional, observational study involving 8,075 videocolonoscopies. From this(More)
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