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Creatinine excretion and relationship with body weight of Nellore cattle
The objective of this study was to estimate the urinary creatinine excretion by the shrunk body weight (SBW). In experiment I, 32 Nellore bulls with initial body weight of 259±24.9 kg and 14±1Expand
Nutrient requirements of energy and protein for Holstein × Zebu bulls finished in feedlot.
Objetivou-se com este estudo estimar as exigencias nutricionais de energia e proteina em bovinos cruzados (Holandes × Zebu). Um experimento de abate comparativo foi conduzido com 44 (24 meses)Expand
Estimation of endogenous contribution and urinary excretion of purine derivatives from the total digestible nutrient intake in Nellore heifers
The objectives of this experiment were to estimate the endogenous excretion of purine derivatives (PD), the intake and digestibility of nutrients, the urinary excretion of PD from the intake of totalExpand
Energy and protein nutritional requirements for Nellore bulls
The objective of this study was to determine the nutritional requirements of energy and protein and estimate the efficiencies of metabolizable energy utilization for fat and protein deposition, asExpand
Using growth and body composition to determine weight at maturity in Nellore cattle
The aim of the present study was to estimate the relationships among water, crude protein (CP), ether extract (EE) and ash in the empty bodyweight (EBW), and the soft tissue and bone and, moreover,Expand
Intake, performance, digestibility, microbial efficiency and carcass characteristics of growing Nellore heifers fed two concentrate levels
Average daily gain, dry matter intake, feed efficiency and feed efficiency were higher in the first period of feedlot (0-42 days) compared with the other (42 to 168 days), and heifers fed 450 g/kgDM concentrate had greater average daily gain than those fed 225 g/ kgDM concentrate. Expand
Effects of the amount and frequency of nitrogen supplementation on intake, digestion, and metabolism in cattle fed low-quality tropical grass
It is concluded that infrequent N supplementation does not compromise digestion, N utilization, and metabolism in cattle fed low-quality tropical grass, however, when supplementing with large amounts of N, the infrequent supplementation may negatively affect forage intake. Expand
Energy requirements of Nellore purebred and crossbreed with Angus and Simmental
There was an effect of concentrate contents of the diet on the body weight:EBW ratio, as well as for body weight gain:EBG ratio, and the net energy daily requirement for maintenance of Nellore, Nellor-Angus and Nellores Simmental cattle is 75.8 kcal/EBW0.75. Expand