Luiz Fernando Bertolucci

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Pandiculation is the involuntary stretching of the soft tissues, which occurs in most animal species and is associated with transitions between cyclic biological behaviors, especially the sleep-wake rhythm (Walusinski, 2006). Yawning is considered a special case of pandiculation that affects the musculature of the mouth, respiratory system and upper spine(More)
The clinical observation of involuntary motor activity during application of a particular style of myofascial release (Muscle Repositioning-MR) has led to the hypothesis that this technique might evoke neurological reactions. Preliminary EMG recordings presented here show involuntary tonic cervical erector action during MR. Involuntary eye movements were(More)
Introduction: The physiologic mechanisms influenced or activated by manual therapies are poorly understood, and consequently, most approaches lack objectivity both in diagnostics and treatment. However, a myofascial release technique called Muscle Repositioning (MR) appears to evoke specific and detectable mechanical and neural reactions. A previously(More)
Muscle Repositioning (MR) is a new style of myofascial release that elicits involuntary motor reactions detectable by electromyography. This article describes the principal theoretical and practical concepts of MR, and summarizes a workshop presented October 31, 2009, after the Second International Fascia Research Congress, held at Vrije Universitiet,(More)
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