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Path planning is an active topic in the literature, and efficient navigation over non-planar surfaces is an open research question. In this work we present a novel technique for navigation of multiple agents over arbitrary triangular domains. The proposed solution uses a fast hierarchical computation of geodesic distances over triangular meshes to allow(More)
We present a simple and efficient algorithm to compute cache-friendly layouts of unstructured geometric data. Coherent mesh layouts minimize cache misses and page faults by laying out vertices, triangles or tetrahedra in a spatially structured manner. Recently, Yoon et al. have shown that it is possible to construct an optimal cache-oblivious mesh layout(More)
Fig. 1: Merging a buddha tetrahedral mesh with a background grid. Our technique is able to handle meshes with distinct levels of refinement-observe how the internal tetrahedra of the buddha have not been refined. Abstract—Simplicial meshes are extremely useful as discrete approximations of continuous spaces in numerical simulations. In some applications,(More)
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