Luiz F. Bacellar

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An essential building-block for construction of future real-time computer systems (RTCS's) is a timeliness-guaranteed operating system. The first co-author recently formulated a model of an operating system kernel which can support both real-time processes and new-style real-time objects with guaranteed timely services. The model has been named the DREAM(More)
In the past few years the massive deployment of real-time multimedia services has motivated the research community to investigate new quality of service (QoS) mechanisms to overcome the limitations of IP networks. Since assured levels of service must be provided, these mechanisms should interact flexibly with network performance management systems. When(More)
Among the various QoS schemes that have already been proposed, rerouting critical flows is the most promising for its inherent ability to interface easily with management systems. To enhance the responsiveness, the operations performed by rerouting mechanisms should be done pro-actively. A pro-active network management using rerouting mechanisms was(More)