Luiz Claudio de Santa Maria

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In recent years, nanotechnology has been the focus of considerable attention in medicine due to the facility with which nanostructures interact with the body at the molecular scale. New therapies in cancer research using nanomedicine are being developed in order to improve the specificity and efficacy of drug delivery, thus reaching maximal effectiveness(More)
There is great demand for the development of composite materials containing small metal or metal oxides particles, owing to their variable properties and wide application. However, microscopic evaluation of these materials using high-vacuum scanning electron microscopy is difficult because the samples must undergo a series of preparation steps to reach a(More)
The aim of these studies was to synthesize, characterize and evaluate the efficacy of pegylated gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) that differed in their PEG molecular weight, using PEG 550 and PEG 2000. The synthesis of the gold nanoparticles was carried out by modified Brust method with a diameter of 4-15 nm. The targeting agent folic acid was introduced by the(More)
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