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Previous studies showed that heart period decreases during and recovers after an acute stress. We investigated if individual predispositions and emotional priming influence heart period recovery after a speech stress task. Psychometric scales and resting cardiac vagal tone were used to measure individual traits. The presentation of a sequence of either(More)
Previous studies have shown that women are more emotionally expressive than men. It is unclear, however, if women are also more susceptible to the emotional modulation of behavior imposed by an affective stimulus. To investigate this issue, we devised a task in which female subjects performed six sequential trials of visual target detection following the(More)
Neuroimaging experiments have revealed that the visual cortex is involved in the processing of affective stimuli: seeing emotional pictures leads to greater activation than seeing neutral ones. It is unclear, however, whether such differential activation is due to stimulus valence or whether the results are confounded by arousal level. In order to(More)
BACKGROUND Research on human emotion shows that pictures drive the activity of specialised brain networks affecting attitude and behaviour. Pictorial warnings on cigarette packages are considered one of the most effective ways to convey information on the health consequences of smoking. However, few studies have evaluated the effectiveness of warning labels(More)
Violence exacts a burden on public health. Gun violence is a major trigger for motor defensive reactions in humans and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is its main psychiatric sequela. However, studies of the human defensive cascade, especially the motor reactions, are at an early stage. This review focuses on studies that employ stabilometry, a(More)
In this paper we show a very simple route for the incorporation of catalytically active niobium species on the surface of carbon materials, such as graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes and activated carbon. Some existing methods of incorporating a transition metal on a support have involved co-precipitation or wet impregnation, to obtain the corresponding(More)
The conversion of solar energy into hydrogen fuel by splitting water into photoelectrochemical cells (PEC) is an appealing strategy to store energy and minimize the extensive use of fossil fuels. The key requirement for efficient water splitting is producing a large band bending (photovoltage) at the semiconductor to improve the separation of the(More)
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