Luiz Carlos Begosso

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Design and configuration for wetlands treating greywater are usually based on literature data obtained from domestic wastewater operating wetlands. It is very important to determine proper criteria for design and configuration to provide efficiency and minimum maintenance, avoiding bad odour and clogging amongst others, ensuring the acceptance of(More)
The difficulty in learning and teaching the algorithms and programming subjects is a major concern for managers and teachers of Computer Science (CS) undergraduate courses. These are foundational subjects for CS professionals, yet continue to present a high degree of difficulty in learning for students. This paper presents two experiences we conducted with(More)
The continuing evolution of business needs and technology makes Web applications more demanding in terms of development, maintenance, and management. To cope with this complexity, several frameworks have emerged. Given this diversity of solutions, the generation of a code based on UML models has become important. This paper presents the application of the(More)
Human errors are understood as a combination of many factors. Among them are the limitations of human information processing and the difficult matching of automation and human abilities. In the conception of HCI for critical systems, the ability to identify possible human errors and their consequences is fundamental for designing defenses for these errors.(More)
The software industry blames universities for their graduates lacking necessary skills, meaning that just the possession of knowledge does not necessarily imply the competent performance required by the profession. Professional maturity in software engineering is one of software industry’s major needs and in-office training can not address this need as(More)
Preparing and qualifying the Computer Science students to meet the software industry needs is a growing challenge for academia. This task is about maturing the future professional with good practices of software development, increasingly demanded by software industry. This work aims to present the process of implementing a software residency program for(More)