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Mosquito midgut invasion by ookinetes of the malaria parasite Plasmodium disrupts the barriers that normally prevent the gut microbiota from coming in direct contact with epithelial cells. This triggers a long-lived response characterized by increased abundance of granulocytes, a subpopulation of hemocytes that circulates in the insect's hemocoel, and(More)
The IBM zEnterprise A system introduced a new and innovative redundant array of independent memory (RAIM) subsystem design as a standard feature on all zEnterprise servers. It protects the server from single-channel errors such as sudden control, bus, buffer, and massive dynamic RAM (DRAM) failures, thus achieving the highest System z A memory availability.(More)
Light microscopy analyses of microfilariae of Wuchereria bancrofti treated with DEC revealed a striking loss of the microfilarial sheath. However, no effect was observed on microfilariae of Litomosoides chagasfilhoi treated with DEC. For quantitative analyses microfilariae of W. bancrofti were processed for SEM. Controls, which have not received DEC, had(More)
The primary S(1) subsite specificity of a recombinant cysteine proteinase, CPB2.8 Delta CTE, of Leishmania mexicana was investigated in a systematic way using a series of peptides derived from Abz-KLRFSKQ-EDDnp in which Arg was substituted by all natural amino acids (where Abz is ortho-amino-benzoyl and EDDnp is N-[2,4-dinitrophenyl]-ethylenediamine). The(More)
Although the large use of diethylcarbamazine (DEC), as the major anti-filaricide drug, its mechanism of action remains a matter of controversy. Several authors defend the hypothesis that DEC has no direct effect on nematodes. This study demonstrated that infective larvae (L3) of Wuchereria bancrofti treated in vitro with DEC presented several behaviour and(More)
Ultrathin sections of L3 of Wuchereria bancrofti embedded in hydrophilic resin were incubated with antisera pools from individuals (1) asymptomatic microfilaremic with different microfilaria (mf) densities (1-100, 101-500, and >1,000 mf/ml); (2) chronic with hydrocele or lymphedema; and (3) with no evidence of microfilaremia or clinical filariasis but(More)
This study evaluated the performance of the EIE-leishmaniose-visceral-canina-Bio-Manguinhos (EIE-LVC) kit and to compare it with that of the IFI-leishmaniose-visceral-canina-Bio-Manguinhos (IFI-LVC) kit. Four groups of dogs were studied: group 1 (G1), dogs with clinical signs indicative of CVL and testing positive for the parasite (n = 25); group 2 (G2),(More)
The IBM eServer௣ zSeries௡ Model z990 offers customers significant new opportunity for server growth while preserving and enhancing server availability. The z990 provides vertical growth capability by introducing the concurrent addition of processor/memory books and horizontal growth in channels by the use of extended virtualization technology. In order to(More)
Hemocytes synthesize key components of the mosquito complement-like system, but their role in the activation of antiplasmodial responses has not been established. The effect of activating Toll signaling in hemocytes on Plasmodium survival was investigated by transferring hemocytes or cell-free hemolymph from donor mosquitoes in which the suppressor cactus(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to compare the efficacy of the Nd:YAG laser, ultrasound, the ProTaper Universal system (Dentsply Maillefer, Ballaigues, Switzerland), and the CanalBrush (Coltene Whaledent, Langenau, Germany) methods for the removal of the smear layer from the apical third of root canals. METHODS Fifty distal root canals from(More)