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Attempts have been made by a number of methods to eliminate minimal residual disease from bone marrow to be reinfused in autologous transplantation. In this paper we describe a conjugate containing a monoclonal antibody, named 8A, recognising a plasma cell-associated antigen, and momordin, a ribosome-inactivating protein similar to the ricin A-chain. This(More)
The ribosome-inactivating proteins, bryodin, from Bryonia dioica, and momordin, from Momordica charantia, were coupled by a disulphide bond to a monoclonal anti-Thy 1.1 antibody (OX7). Both immunotoxins were specifically cytotoxic to the Thy 1.1-expressing mouse lymphoma cell line AKR-A in vitro. The OX7-bryodin immunotoxins were the more powerfully toxic(More)
  • Jim Berkson, NMFS SEFSC, +14 authors Eric Schwaab
  • 2011
This Technical Memorandum series is used for documentation and timely communication of preliminary results, interim reports, or similar special-purpose information. Although the memoranda are not subject to complete formal review, editorial control, or detailed editing, they are expected to reflect sound professional work. ii NOTICE The National Marine(More)
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