Luiz Augusto dos Santos Madureira

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Nonaromatic hydrocarbons and geochemical parameters from 17 sediment-water interface samples were used to assess sources of organic matter in three harbors, located in Santa Catarina State, southern Brazil. The evaluation was based on the molar C/N/P ratios, abundance of resolved nonaromatic hydrocarbons (3.0-25.9 μg g(-1)), unresolved complex mixture, and(More)
A solvent-free method that uses headspace solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography with flame ionization detection is proposed for the determination of lignin-derived phenols in sediments. The extraction and derivatization conditions for the simultaneous analysis of acetosyringone, acetovanillone, syringaldehyde, vanillin, ferulic acid, syringic(More)
Three mangroves located in southern Brazil, Carijós (CA), Rio Tavares (RT) and Itacorubi (ITA), with distinct anthropogenic influences, were assessed with regard to the presence of aliphatic and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). In this study, the n-alkane concentrations ranged from 1.9μg g-1 (CA) to 55.6μg g-1 (ITA) (dry weight). The carbon(More)
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