Luiz Augusto N. Barroso

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The objective of this work is to investigate possible hydro-scheduling inefficiencies under a bidding scheme. It will be shown that the market-based dispatch of hydro-plants, under a perfect competitive market, converges to its least-cost dispatch. Besides, it will be shown that the usual spot payment scheme does not provide the correct incentive for(More)
The objective of this work is to investigate market power issues in bid-based hydrothermal scheduling. Initially, market power was simulated with a single stage Cournot–Nash equilibrium model. In this static model the equilibrium was calculated analytically. It was shown that the total production of N strategic agents is smaller than the least-cost solution(More)
The need to determine adequate regulations in the transmission activity in deregulated environments does not have a common solution worldwide, with most countries compromising on alternatives that are adapted to local market conditions. Relevant issues are transmission tariff schemes and transmission expansion methods, both intimately linked. The Chilean(More)
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