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  • Max Junqueira, Luiz Carlos da Costa, Luiz Augusto Barroso, Gerson C. Oliveira, Luiz Mauricio Thomé
  • 2007
—This work presents a new methodology for the allocation of transmission service cost among network users in energy markets. The proposed method is based on an optimiza-tion/game-theoretic framework (Aumann-Shapley) that retains the desirable properties of other existing methodologies such as the Average Participations Factors (APF) and Long Run Marginal(More)
The objective of this work is to investigate market power issues in bid-based hydrothermal scheduling. Initially, market power was simulated with a single stage Cournot–Nash equilibrium model. In this static model the equilibrium was calculated analytically. It was shown that the total production of N strategic agents is smaller than the least-cost solution(More)
This Panel Session discussed in depth the organization of Transmission structures in Latin America. Transmission networks provide the critical physical link between competitive generation and load. Therefore, the adequate resolution of transmission-related issues such as open access, planning of reinforcements, pricing of transmission services and(More)