Luiz Augusto Magalhães

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The increased pathogenesis of the Schistosoma mansoni BH strain compared with the SJ strain has been attributed to the number of granulomas formed in experimental infections, which increase the mortality in definitive hosts. The aim of the present study was to investigate the development of granulomas around the eggs of the S. mansoni BH and SJ strains and(More)
Parasitic infectious diseases acquired in tourist areas may pose a challenge to physicians and to travel medicine practitioners. Acute schistosomiasis may be seen in returning travelers and migrants after primary infection. This form of schistosomiasis is frequently misdiagnosed due to its temporal delay and its nonspecific presentation and might occur even(More)
The study of Schistosoma species has undergone a dramatic change in recent years mainly due to transcriptome, proteome, and genome analyses. In order to better understand the biology of the parasite and to develop new and more efficient/specific drugs, scientists have now the task to translate genetic information into functional data. The present paper aims(More)
The pathogenesis of three different Schistosoma mansoni strains from the Brazilian states of Minas Gerais (BH strain) and São Paulo (SJ and SD strains) was evaluated in experimentally infected mice. Observations of the most severe clinical cases among local patients treated (SD strain) in the city of Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil) formed the basis of this(More)
baço e a percentagem do peso do fígado em relação ao peso corporal foram diferentes quando comparados os animais infectados e controles. O quadro leucocitário dos camundongos infectados apresentou alterações no número de leucócitos totais, neutrófilos e linfócitos. Os exames histológicos do baço e do fígado revelaram alterações nestes órgãos de acordo com a(More)
MAGALHÃES, Luiz Augusto, Observations on the miraxonal attraction exercised by sexually immature or adult Biomphalaria glabrata infected or not by Schistosoma mansoni. Observations on the miraxonal attraction exercised by sexually immature or adult Biomphalaria glabrata infected or not by Schistosoma mansoni Observações sobre a atração miraxonal exercida(More)
The attraction of Schistosoma mansoni miracidea by snails genetically selected for susceptibility to infection is considered. Miracidea were exposed to snails or to snail conditioned water in a specially devised three-chamber glass apparatus. Ten miracidea were used for each test and were deposited in the middle chamber (a passage); after 15 minutes, them(More)
The attraction exercised over Schistosoma mansoni miracidia by Biomphalaria straminea, Lymnaea columella and Physa sp using a specially designed apparatus consisting of two circular glass chambers joined by an open channel were studied. The molluscs or their snail-conditioned water (SCW) was placed in one of the chambers (randomly chosen). In the channel(More)
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