Luiz Antonio Joia

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The scope of this work is to obtain a model for the critical competencies required for the role of the Brazilian CIO. For purposes of analysis, a set of six models found in the literature were considered in this research. Based on the theoretical references, a questionnaire was elaborated. The questionnaire was then applied via a web-survey and counted on(More)
The scope of this article is to explore the transaction profitability of frequent and sporadic buyers in the e-commerce arena. Evidence in relationship marketing literature stressing the impact of purchase frequency on customer transaction profitability as well as recent academic research challenging this approach and pointing out the importance of sporadic(More)
In this case study, we analyze the influence of the organizational structure in the definition and implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) strategies in the Brazilian Judiciary System. The analysis shows that the existing organizational structure boosts uncoordinated actions, but the National Council of Justice (NCJ) protagonism(More)