Luiz Antonio Joia

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aBStract The scope of this research is to develop and test a model for evaluating B2C e-commerce Web sites. Consequently, this study seeks to investigate the relationship between the Web site interface of B2C e-commerce and virtual customer behavior, concentrating on purchasing attitude and intention. The objective of this article is, therefore, to research(More)
In this case study, we analyze the influence of the organizational structure in the definition and implementation of information and communication technologies (ICT) strategies in the Brazilian Judiciary System. The analysis shows that the existing organizational structure boosts uncoordinated actions, but the National Council of Justice (NCJ) protagonism(More)
This article presents an analysis of the impact of Information Technology (IT) investments in the efficiency of the Brazilian Judiciary System. In order to conduct this investigation, it was adopted the case study method to deal with the complexity of the aforementioned phenomenon. The organizational structure and the informatization trajectory of the(More)