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Brazilian companies are increasingly turning to Web-based corporate training by virtue of the fact that they need to train their employees within tight budget constraints in a country of continental dimensions. However, most of these companies do not know what the critical success factors in these endeavors are. Therefore, this article seeks to investigate(More)
aBStract The scope of this research is to develop and test a model for evaluating B2C e-commerce Web sites. Consequently, this study seeks to investigate the relationship between the Web site interface of B2C e-commerce and virtual customer behavior, concentrating on purchasing attitude and intention. The objective of this article is, therefore, to research(More)
The scope of this work is to obtain a model for the critical competencies required for the role of the Brazilian CIO. For purposes of analysis, a set of six models found in the literature were considered in this research. Based on the theoretical references, a questionnaire was elaborated. The questionnaire was then applied via a web-survey and counted on(More)