Luiz Antônio Carlos Bertollo

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Cytogenetic analyses were performed on fishes of the genus Hypostomus (Hypostomus ancistroides (Ihering, 1911), Hypostomus strigaticeps (Regan, 1908), Hypostomus regani (Ihering, 1905), and Hypostomus paulinus (Ihering, 1905)) from the seven tributaries of the Paranapanema River Basin (Brazil) by means of different staining techniques (C-, Ag-, CMA3- and(More)
Harttia is a genus of the subfamily Loricariinae that posses a broad chromosomal variation. In addition to interspecific karyotype diversity within this group, a multiple sex chromosome system, XX/XY1Y2, has been described for Harttia carvalhoi. Thus, this study aimed to determine the role of chromosomal rearrangements in karyotype differentiation in(More)
The Erythrinidae fish family contains three genera, Hoplias, Erythrinus and Hoplerythrinus widely distributed in Neotropical region. Remarkably, species from this family are characterized by an extensive karyotype diversity, with 2n ranging from 39 to 54 chromosomes and the occurrence of single and/or multiple sex chromosome systems in some species.(More)
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