Luiz Antônio Carlos Bertollo

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Hoplias malabaricus, a widely distributed neotropical freshwater fish, shows a conspicuous karyotypic diversification. An overview of this diversity is presented here comprising several Brazilian(More)
The fish, Erythrinus erythrinus, shows an interpopulation diversity, with four karyomorphs differing by chromosomal number, chromosomal morphology and heteromorphic sex chromosomes. Karyomorph A has(More)
Triportheus is a neotropical freshwater Characidae fish that has a well-differentiated ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system. The W chromosome of this genus contains a large amount of heterochromatin and is(More)
Astyanax scabripinnis specimens from four distinct populations in Brazil were studied with respect to their karyotype macrostructure, nucleolar organizer regions, and 18S and 5S rRNA genes. The four(More)
Triportheus fish species present 2n = 52 chromosomes. The karyotypes show similar macrostructure and a ZZ/ZW sex chromosome system, which probably represents synapomorphy for the genus. A probe of(More)