Luiz Almeida da Silva

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The effects of central administration of opioid antagonists on the aversive responses elicited by electrical (at the freezing and escape thresholds) or chemical stimulation (crossings, rearings, turnings and jumps, induced by microinjections of bicuculline) of the midbrain tectum were determined. Central microinjections of naloxone and naltrexone in the(More)
The central control of the micturition is dependent on cortical areas and other ascending and descending pathways in the brain stem. The descendent pathways from the pons to the urinary bladder (UB) can be direct or indirect through medullary neurons (MN). Chemical stimulation with l-glutamate of MN known for their involvement in cardiovascular regulation(More)
OBJECTIVE to analyze the relation between the workload and the physiological stress reactions among nurses working at a hospital service. METHODS cross-sectional, correlational, quantitative study, involving 95 nurses, in 2011 and 2012. Spearman's bivariate Correlation Test was used. RESULTS most subjects are female, between 23 and 61 years old and(More)
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