Luiz AR de Freitas

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This paper reports the overall effects of three lectins, extracted from Canavalia brasiliensis, Dioclea violacea, and D. grandiflora, on BALB/c mice popliteal draining lymph nodes. These lectins have presented high stimulatory capacity on lymph node T cells. Additionally, they were able to induce apoptosis and inflammation (frequently associated with high(More)
Prostaglandins of the E series inhibit the development of Th1 responses. When infected with Leishmania major, BALB/c mice fail to develop a Th1 response, but instead mount a Th2 response and die of the disease. Therefore, we treated L. major-infected BALB/c mice with indomethacin, which inhibits prostaglandin production. Indomethacin lessened disease(More)
Highly susceptible BALB/c mice became partially resistant to Leishmania mexicana amazonensis infection after intravenous immunization with solubilized homologous promastigote antigen. Immunized BALB/c mice exhibited mixed mononuclear cell reactions, with granulomatous inflammation, collagen deposition, and fibrinoid necrosis at the site of infection. In(More)
BACKGROUND In this paper we study the distribution of leukocyte populations and of cytokine-producing cells in the spleen of a patient with visceral leishmaniasis resistant to clinical treatment. It is the first attempt to compare the distribution of leukocyte populations and cytokine-producing cells in the splenic compartments of a patient with visceral(More)
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