Luisella Pedrotti

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To better understand the role played by the autonomic nervous system in essential hypertension, we used autoregressive power spectrum analysis to study the noncasual oscillations in RR interval, blood pressure, and skin blood flow in 40 subjects with mild to moderate hypertension and in 25 age-matched control subjects at low frequency (index of sympathetic(More)
The composition of the abomasal helminth fauna and parasite diversity were studied in 298 red deer collected during 1997-2000 from three different sectors (Bolzano, Trento and Sondrio provinces) of the Stelvio National Park, one of the main protected areas of north-eastern Italy. The association between parasite burdens and geographical areas of the hosts(More)
The aim of the study is to appraise the prevalence of the mild defects of the spine or paramorphysm in a normal paediatric population, without orthopaedic pathology, and to verify the possible association with the dysfunctions of the dental apparatus. The recovery of a real association among these pathologies could furnish a sprout for a correct therapeutic(More)
Treatment of tibial infected non-unions with bone and soft tissue loss has to solve three problems: infection, lack of bone continuity and lack of skin coverage. The aims of treatment are infection healing, bone consolidation with preservation of limb length and soft tissue reconstruction. The most important stage in the planning is an accurate débridement.(More)
Analysis of 330 exostoses in 18 patients affected by hereditary multiple exostoses disease suggested a new classification of exostoses as eccentric or full-thickness. Radiographically arrest of metaphyseal remodeling with failure of coning and persistence of the primary metaphyseal trabeculae was evident in full-thickness exostoses. Similar bone lesions can(More)
The authors report a case of an intraneural ganglion of the peroneal nerve. The cystic material was found to expand the neural sheath, while the neural fasciculi were few and atrophic. A communication between the intraneural cyst and the proximal tibio-peroneal joint was demonstrated. An hypothesis for the pathogenetic basis of intraneural ganglia is(More)
A study of 60 femoral prosthetic components removed after 1-20 years allowed us to study the behaviour of the metallic surface in real life conditions. Changes were observed exclusively in cemented prostheses. They consisted of corrosion phenomena characteristic of the components of steel EN 58 J and 316 S, and wear phenomena secondary to mobilisation. The(More)
An 8 year old child was involved in a road accident and sustained a large wound in the left groin; radiographs showed a fracture with loss of the proximal femur. After skeletal traction for 80 days, there was bony regeneration of the proximal femur. At 8 months she was able to walk without support and her left leg was 2 cm only shorter than the right. Une(More)
The values of bone density represent one of the best parameters for the prediction of the risk of fracture in the adult. Since the peak of bone mass depends over that on genetic factors also on modifiable environmental factors, the evaluation of the state of bone health in paediatric populations has assumed great importance; the ultrasound techniques seem(More)