Luisa Toffolatti

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The enlargement of the genome size and the decrease in genome compactness with increase in the number and size of introns is a general pattern during the evolution of eukaryotes. Among the possible mechanisms for modifying intron size, it has been suggested that the insertion of transposable elements might have an important role in driving intron evolution.(More)
AIM The BRAF mutation is a rare pathogenetic alternative to KIT/PDGFRA mutation in GIST and causes Imatinib resistance. A recent description of KIT and BRAF mutations co-occurring in an untreated GIST has challenged the concept of their being mutually exclusive and may account for ab initio resistance to Imatinib, even in the presence of Imatinib-sensitive(More)
A new and simple method for detecting point mutations is presented. The method, based on Double-Strand Conformation Analysis (DSCA) of PCR amplification products in polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, was applied to 78 unrelated subjects affected with Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy and to 9 subjects suspected to be affected with an atypical(More)
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