Luisa Rossetto

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The development of more efficient hermetic compressors for refrigeration involves a sound analysis of the heat exchanges inside the machine to evaluate the interaction among compressor structure, flow characteristics, refrigerant properties and operative conditions. This work presents a computational procedure for the steady-state thermal analysis of a(More)
In this work a previous steady-state model [1] of a hermetic reciprocating compressor has been improved using an unsteady-state analysis of the compression cycle which allows a direct computation of the heat, work and mass flow rates. The new model requires the geometry of the machine, refrigerant inlet temperature and pressure, vapour discharge pressure,(More)
This paper reports the preliminary experimental results of a mini Vapour Cycle System (VCS) for electronic thermal management applications. The water cooled miniature scale refrigeration system uses R134a as working fluid and implements a new concept oil-free linear compressor prototype. In the range of operating test conditions investigated, the cooling(More)
Experimental heat transfer coefficients during condensation of R134a and R407C in a microfin tube are reported. Heat transfer measurements are compared against performance of an equivalent smooth tube under the same operating conditions, to show advantages of the microfin tube as compared to the smooth tube. Experimental tests are carried out in a broad(More)
This paper aims at investigating the air heat transfer and fluid flow through open-cells copper foam samples with different number of pores per unit of length (PPI) with constant porosity (ε=0.93) and foam core height of 40 mm. The experimental heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop measurements were carried out during air forced convection through(More)
This work experimentally investigates the effect of vapour velocity during condensation of a ref rigerant on the outside of a single horizontal enhanced tube with particular reference to the fluid-dynamic mechanisms indu ced by vapour shear stress, surface tension and gravity on the condensate flow. More than 70 experimental runs were done in a transparent(More)
Heat transfer condensation tests inside a 8 mm ID tube for R-134a, R-410A and R-125 are reported at an average saturation temperature of 40°C, at mass velocities ranging from 65 to 750 kg/(m s), over the entire vapour quality range. After comparing the experimental data against a model able to predict both shear force and gravity driven condensation, a(More)
This paper presents the results of some experimental EMC tests performed on different mobile synchronous generators. These results show that, besides normal EMI generated by rectifying diodes in the field current circuit, additional noise raises from mechanical vibration of electric connection devices and friction between different insulating materials.(More)