Luisa Nobile

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Simple and sensitive HPLC methods were developed for the determination of glycyrrhyzin (G) and its main metabolite glycyrrhetic acid (GA) in biological samples, in order to investigate the pharmacokinetic behaviour of G after oral administration of licorice extract (LE) or G to humans and rats. The analysis have been carried out by HPLC with UV detector(More)
In childhood-onset acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) the clinical value of karyotypic aberrations is now acknowledged, although there is still debate concerning the prognostic significance of some events. To add to this knowledge, cytogenetic analysis was performed on a consecutive series of 84 childhood AML patients diagnosed in Switzerland. A result was(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Conventional craniospinal irradiation (CSI) is a complex procedure carrying a high risk of adverse side effects. Still, it is indispensable for cure in a number of pediatric brain tumors. In this study, the feasibility and the potential advantage of spot-scanning proton therapy for CSI are investigated. MATERIAL AND METHODS A boy(More)
Synthesis and biological properties of a new ethyl alpha-(p-chlorophenoxy)-isobutyrate (clofibrate) analogue are described. Replacement of the chlorine atom of the parent drug by an azido group has been attempted in order to avoid the proliferative action on liver peroxysomes. The new compound showed a good degree of inhibition of rat fat cell lipolysis and(More)
Two methods are proposed, one spectrophotometric and one spectrofluorimetric, for the determination of insulin in several pharmaceutical formulations. The methods were found to be fairly simple, sensitive and accurate, and thus suitable for this purpose. Both methods involve an extractive step with diethyl ether for the elimination of excipient(More)