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The study of university–industry (U–I) relations has been the focus of growing interest in the literature. However, to date, a quantitative overview of the existing literature in this field has yet to be accomplished. This study intends to fill this gap through the use of bibliometric techniques. By using three different yet interrelated databases—a(More)
Volatile-oils chemical composition and bioactivity of the essentail oils from Plectranthus barbatus, P. neochilus, and P. ornatus (Lamiaceae) were assessed. Aerial parts from these three related Plectranthus species were collected from cultivated plants grown in Portugal, during vegetative and flowering phases. Volatiles, isolated by(More)
Last instar larvae and pupae of Ourocnemis archytas (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae) are described for the first time and compared with those of Anteros formosus, which are also described in detail. Last instars of both species present body covered with long white plumose setae, a row of orange balloon setae on the prothoracic shield, and clusters of perforated(More)
The Neotropics harbour the most diverse flora and fauna on Earth. The Andes are a major centre of diversification and source of diversity for adjacent areas in plants and vertebrates, but studies on insects remain scarce, even though they constitute the largest fraction of terrestrial biodiversity. Here, we combine molecular and morphological characters to(More)
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