Luisa Miranda

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Several studies have identified associations between walking levels and socio-demographic and environmental variables. The aim of the present study was to describe walking patterns and examine associations between socio-demographic characteristics and perceived environmental attributes with walking among adults living in the Azorean Archipelago (Portugal).(More)
The Internet's rapid growth and diffusion, both worldwide and in our country, as well as its importance for teacher education, made us feel the need to reflect on how our student teachers integrate themselves in such quite novel environmental conditions and teaching communities. This paper reports on one specific Portuguese university's student teachers'(More)
This study had the goal to analyze the value that higher education students and teachers assign to Schedule, Announcements, Resources, Assignments, Tests, Drop Box, Messages, Forums and Search of Sakai collaborative learning environment and to verify if there is any relation between the value assigned to each tool and the experience that the user has with(More)
This paper is on the scope of the use of virtual learning environments in higher education institutions. The aim is to understand between the school year of 2009/2010 to 2013/2014 the use of a virtual learning environment of a Portuguese higher education institution in terms of publishing of contents by teachers, the type of contents published, the students(More)
This paper focuses mainly on the relation between the use of a virtual learning environment (VLE) and students’ performance. Therefore, virtual learning environments are characterised and a study is presented emphasising the frequency of access to a VLE and its relation with the students’ performance from a public higher education institution during the(More)
We live essentially in a technological world in which technology facilitates and promotes the development of institutions and people that work or study. Thus, it is argued that technology meets people's needs, taking into account their objectives, interests and learning styles. In this article, with a perspective to improve teaching and learning, beyond the(More)
Virtual learning environments have become more and more important in all levels of education, especially in Higher Education. With this paper we intend to identify the appreciation that a sample of university teachers made regarding the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their courses, the characteristics of digital resources(More)
The bifurcated needle affords a simple means of vaccination that has been used successfully against smallpox (I, 2). Indeed, the simplicity of this technique is regarded as one of the factors which contributed significantly to smallpox eradication on the Asian Continent. Shortly before completing the massive phase of smallpox vaccination in Asia and in some(More)
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