Luisa Mariani

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We studied nine infant patients with a combination of progressive neurological and hepatic failure. Eight children, including two sibling pairs and four singletons, were affected by Alpers' hepatopathic poliodystrophy. A ninth baby patient suffered of a severe floppy infant syndrome associated with liver failure. Analysis of POLG1, the gene encoding the(More)
A consecutive sample of 53 chronic cancer pain patients were administered 5 different pain intensity scales: a visual analogue scale (VAS), a numerical rating scale from 0 to 10 (NRS), a verbal rating scale (VRS), the Italian Pain Questionnaire (Italian version of the McGill Pain Questionnaire) (PRI), and the Integrated Pain Score (IPS) which is an(More)
In the present study, the impact of Subthalamic Nucleus stimulation on the gait initiation process of patients with Parkinson's disease is investigated. Ten PD subjects with bilaterally implanted STN stimulation devices have been considered for a multifactorial movement analysis protocol, implying standing upright and gait initiation after a verbal cue.(More)
The conference program is designed to provide critical reviews and updated information about new antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) that are in different stages of development, as well as to present progress reports on recent findings concerning marketed new antiepileptic drugs. In addition, sessions will be devoted to Advances in the Pathophys-The Mariani(More)
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