Luisa Maria Vera

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In the wild, water temperature cycles daily: it warms up after sunrise, and cools rapidly after sunset. Surprisingly, the impact of such daily thermocycles during the early development of fish remains neglected. We investigated the influence of constant vs daily thermocycles in zebrafish, from embryo development to sexual differentiation, by applying four(More)
Behavioral rhythms of the Nile tilapia were investigated to better characterize its circadian system. To do so, the locomotor activity patterns of both male and female tilapia reared under a 12:12 h light-dark (LD) cycle were studied, as well as in males the existence of endogenous rhythmicity under free-running conditions (DD and 45 min LD pulses). When(More)
The effect of temperatures from 5 degrees to 40 degrees C on EEG amplitude, evoked potentials amplitudes to optical stimuli and latencies of components of evoked potential in lizard Lacerta galloti, have been studied, by means of chronically implanted electrodes in dorsal and medial telencephalic cortex. Evoked responses show with greater amplitude in the(More)
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