Luisa Maria Magalhães

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Lung abscesses (LA) carry with them severe clinical and social implications. The authors retrospectively analyse case files from a tertiary hospital. Admissions from 2000 to 2005 codified as LA were identified. Forty-five patients were males and the mean age was 56.2 (+/-15.1) years. The average duration of symptoms pre-hospitalisation was 23.0 (+/-50.2)(More)
In a previous paper [4] we obtained the Hopf algebra structure of k*(G ; Q(P» where G is a compact connectvd Lie group and Q(P) is the quotient ring of Z with respect to a multiplicative subset generated by a set of primes, such that H*(G ; Q(P)) is torsion free . Here we study the properties of the connective K-theory of the Lie groups Spin(n) . Since(More)
BACKGROUND Patent foramen ovale (PFO) occurs in 25% of healthy adults. It can lead to paradoxical embolization, migraine and respiratory failure (RF). The authors present a case of RF and orthodeoxia due to a right-to-left shunt via a PFO without previous elevation of right atrial pressure. Closure of the PFO effectively resolved the RF. CASE REPORT A(More)
Humanizing in hospitals begins with the patients' reception. Although this "function" should be considered as the duty of every person who works in Hospital, it is fundamental to be assumed as a nursing service, since we are the professional sector which spends more time with the patient. However, the reception may have positive or negative effects on the(More)
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