Luisa Deias

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Advances in micro-fabrication techniques combined with accurate simulation tools has provided the means for the realisation of complex terahertz circuitry. Silicon micro-machining provides the way forward to fabricate accurate rugged structures. Multi-level deep reactive ion etching can be used to replace traditional machining methods achieving smaller(More)
In the last decade the study of frequency selective surfaces (FSS), i.e. periodic metal patches printed on a dielectric substrate, has regained interest both in the microwave and millimeter-wave region [1], with the introduction of electromagnetic band gap (EBG) materials [2] [3]. This entirely new class of structures, encompassing FSS as one of its(More)
Planar EBGs can be described as planar periodic metallic arrays with a resonant behaviour and therefore in order to fully analyze them it is not advisable to consider the layers infinitely thin, especially at higher frequencies. This paper focuses on a new method to analyze planar EBG made up of thick screens. We integrate our previous work with a waveguide(More)
In this paper evolutionary computation is applied to the synthesis of planar periodic EBG. We constrained our evolutionary design to the unit cell geometry and used a full-wave MoM to evaluate all individuals. Results show that the resonant frequency is able to approach the desired value, improving the bandwidth.
A MoM analysis procedure for Artificial Magnetic Conductors, using equivalent magnetic currents is presented, and its advantages discussed for both patch-type and aperture-type AMC.A quite accurate equivalent circuit has been extracted from our MoM results, using a curve-fitting procedure.
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