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The endolymph fills the lumen of the inner ear membranous labyrinth. Its ionic composition is unique in vertebrates as an extracellular fluid for its high-K(+)/low-Na(+) concentration. The endolymph is actively secreted by specialized cells located in the vestibular and cochlear epithelia. We have investigated the early phases of endolymph secretion by(More)
The specificity of the K-channels which are present in the ciliated membrane of ampullar receptors has been investigated by replacing K+ in the fluids bathing the canal with Rb+ and Cs+. Results show that, unlike Cs+, Rb+ is able to substitute K+ in maintaining the receptor function. These findings favour the hypothesis that the transduction channels which(More)
Adequate blood supply is essential for prosthesis osteointegration and bone healing as it supplies oxygen, nutrition and progenitor cells. The bone healing process and vascularization depend upon the endothelial cells, which speed up implant osteointegration. Endothelial Progenitor Cells (EPC) are a population of stem cells that can reproduce, migrate and(More)
1. Ampullar receptors are extremely sensitive to rapid K+-changes in the fluid bathing the basal pole. Small variation in perilympathic K+ (±0.5 mmol/l compared to normal perilymph K+ level of 2.5 mmol/l) are sufficient to facilitate the receptor resting discharge if K+ is increased, or produce inhibition if K+ is decreased. Extracellular and intracellular(More)
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