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Isolation of Candida rugosa from turkeys.
The present study describes the isolation of Candida rugosa from young turkeys that died 10 days after the end of a therapeutic treatment for a recent outbreak of coccidiosis. Candida rugosa wasExpand
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Epidemiological aspects of dermatophyte infections in horses and cattle.
Ringworm infections in the principal domestic animals are a major public and veterinary health problem. The aetiology, epidemiology and symptomatology of these mycoses are quite heterogeneous andExpand
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Relationship between cell counts in bovine milk and the presence of mastitis pathogens (yeasts and bacteria).
Bovine mastitis is an economically important disease in dairy industry and a variety of pathogen microorganisms are involved. The AA carried out a study to investigate the prevalence of yeasts andExpand
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Diffuse cutaneous candidiasis in a dog. Diagnosis by PCR-REA.
The authors describe a clinical case of cutaneous candidiasis in a dog with dermatological lesions, characterized by persistent alopecia, crusts, ulcers and scales. Predisposing factors such as theExpand
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Co-cutaneous infection in a dog: PCR-reverse identification of Candida tropicalis on skin biopsy
Abstract Canine leishmaniasis is a very common disease in all countries of the Mediterranean area. In these territories, Leishmania infantum MONT-1 is the species producing visceral infections inExpand
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First report of oral colonization by Debaryomyces nepalensis in a dog
A stray, young male, wire-haired pointing griffon dog, found in a street of Perugia (Italy), was examined in order to check his health status. Two oropharyngeal swabs were collected in 24 h andExpand
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