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Mutations in the $$ {\text{Na}}^{{\text{ + }}} - {\text{HCO}}^{ - }_{{\text{3}}} $$ cotransporter NBC1 cause severe proximal tubular acidosis (pRTA) associated with ocular abnormalities. Recent studies have suggested that at least some NBC1 mutants show abnormal trafficking in the polarized cells. This study identified a new homozygous NBC1 mutation (G486R)(More)
A general approach to the non-expansive M band decomposition of finite length signals is presented. The technique is based on linear signal extensions and can be applied to all types of linear and non-linear phase M band perfect reconstruction filter banks. The signal expansion is described by a linear transformation on the input signal and the extended(More)
Abstract The optimization of subband filter banks for signal and image coding is normally dealt with by numerical means. It will be shown that this optimization can be done analytically in the case of the 4-tap CQF prototype filter. Coding gain and aliasing energy were considered in the optimization. Using parametrizations of the prototype filter(More)
Sulfadiazine is an antibiotic of the sulfonamide group and is used as a veterinary drug in fish farming. Monitoring it in the tanks is fundamental to control the applied doses and avoid environmental dissemination. Pursuing this goal, we included a novel potentiometric design in a flow-injection assembly. The electrode body was a stainless steel needle(More)
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