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To reduce contention in Optical Burst Switched networks, data bursts are preceded by the so-called Burst Control Packets, which are sent a given offset time in advance in order to advertise of the forthcoming burst arrivals. However, this policy of one-way in-advanced reservation produces the so-called Path Length Priority Effect, which benefits BCP(More)
The in-advance reservation of bandwidth capacity philosophy of Optical Burst Switching architectures via Burst-Control Packets brings high flexibility in the separation of network resources for services with different quality-of-service requirements. In this light, real-time applications can periodically be guaranteed a certain amount of bandwidth(More)
The most harmful hymenopteran pests of Pinus sylvestris L. are conifer sawflies from the family Diprionidae, including the widespread Diprion pini (L.). Natural enemies of this pest are still poorly known in many European areas where attacks occur. We studied the egg parasitoids of D. pini at four sites in two mountainous areas of Spain: the Sierra de(More)
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