Luis Vicente

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Merchant (2001) proposes that preposition stranding under sluicing is allowed only in those languages that also allow P-stranding in regular whquestions. Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese (BP) seem to falsify this generalization, as both are non-P-stranding languages that allow P-stranding under sluicing. Our claim is that, despite initial appearances,(More)
We analyze an overlapping generations model in which pollution arises, in an accumulatively way, from production. Householders do not care directly about the environment, but pollution leads them to incur health costs when they are elderly. We show that the presence of pollution means that the economy more likely to be dynamically inefficient. For these(More)
We sequenced the complete control region (CR) and adjacent tRNAs, partial 12S rRNA, and cytochrome b (over 3100 bp) from eight individuals of Madeiran wall lizards, Lacerta dugesii, from four distinct island populations. The tRNAs exhibit a high degree of intraspecific polymorphisms compared to other vertebrates. All CR sequences include a minisatellite(More)
Partial sequences from two mitochondrial DNA genes, cytochrome b and 12S rRNA, were used to assess the phylogenetic relationships of populations of Lacerta dugesii from the volcanic Atlantic islands of Madeira, the Desertas, Porto Santo, and the Selvagens. All four-island groups are genetically distinguishable and populations within each contain similar(More)
BACKGROUND Zootherapy inventories are important as they contribute to the world documentation of the prevalence, importance and diversity of the medicinal use of animals in traditional human communities. The present study aims to contribute with a more valuable example of the zootherapy practices of a traditional community in the Brazilian Amazonia - the(More)
In the Amazonian basin, the human populations that traditionally inhabit the forest use its natural resources in various ways. One example is the local fauna which, among several other uses, is an important source of protein. The general aim of our study was to investigate the importance of hunting to the lives of the Amazonian riverine communities and to(More)
Previous studies have shown that assortative mating acts as a driver of speciation by countering hybridization between two populations of the same species (pre-zygotic isolation) or through mate choice among the hybrids (hybrid speciation). In both speciation types, assortative mating promotes speciation over a transient hybridization stage. We studied mate(More)
The present study evaluates the impact of lofts on the development of the navigational system of pigeons. A series of results obtained between 2000 and 2004 were analyzed. The H-loft was placed 10 m above the ground, with a ring format and seven windows all around it as well as three external aviaries that allowed birds to have a wide view of the outdoors(More)
This study compares the initial orientation and homing performance of young inexperienced pigeons following their transportation to near and distant places in total darkness (treatment) and their subsequent release. The birds were housed in two lofts at the Lisbon Zoo. Each loft had its own specific features: the H-loft was exposed to prevailing winds and(More)
The influence of individual factors on dominance rank and the relationship between rank distance and patterns of aggression predicted by models of evolutionarily stable strategies (ESS) of animal conflict were investigated in a managed bachelor group of Sorraia horses, Equus caballus. The group was composed of four to six stallions 3- to 12-years-old during(More)