Luis Velázquez

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BACKGROUND The initial evaluations of the introduction of legislation that regulates smoking in enclosed public places in European countries, describe an important effect in the control of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke. However, the evidence is still limited. The objective of this study is to estimate the short-term effects of the comprehensive(More)
In this paper we obtain new results about the orthogonality measure of orthogonal polynomials on the unit circle, through the study of unitary truncations of the corresponding unitary multiplication operator , and the use of the five-diagonal representation of this operator. Unitary truncations on subspaces with finite co-dimension give information about(More)
In this paper we prove some characterizations of the matrix orthogonal polynomials whose derivatives are also orthogonal, which generalize other known ones in the scalar case. In particular, we prove that the corresponding orthogonality matrix functional is characterized by a Pearson-type equation with two matrix polynomials of degree not greater than 2 and(More)
BACKGROUND A common mitochondrial complex I gene polymorphism (10398G) is reported to be inversely associated with the risk of Parkinson disease. We hypothesized that this variant might have a protective effect on the central nervous system and therefore might delay the onset of symptoms in spinocerebellar ataxia type 2 (SCA2). OBJECTIVE To assess the(More)
A special class of orthogonal rational functions (ORFs) is presented in this paper. Starting with a sequence of ORFs and the corresponding rational functions of the second kind, we define a new sequence as a linear combination of the previous ones, the coefficients of this linear combination being self-reciprocal rational functions. We show that, under very(More)
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