Luis Usero Aragonés

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Sun. and beach tourism is very important to the economy of Spain, so the control of the quality of the environment on the beaches is essential. Therefore, the analysis and control of the quality of bathing water is necessary, which is defined by the European Directive 2006/7/EC as excellent, good or sufficient depending on the presence of microbiological(More)
This model is validated by practices in the field of higher education, using a questionnaire and a metrics table among other measurement tools. Models, standards and guidelines are proposed in the model for facilitating adaptation to universities and achieving excellence in the outsourcing of IT services. The applicability of the model allows an effective(More)
Human actions over rivers and coasts have generated great changes along seaboard. In order to know future development of those changes, it is necessary to understand the development of the coast during the past. When there is a complex morphologic system as a result of the combination of natural elements with human construction elements, the study of the(More)
Erosion on sand beaches is a problem worldwide, which together with the shortage of sand justifies the great importance of understanding the processes involved in the regression of the shoreline in order to know and adopt solutions. This study analysed the influence of sediment wear on beaches regression. For this, nine morphological units on(More)
Multifunctional artificial reefs (MFAR) are being implemented around the world, due to their ability to provide an environment where a sports-economic-recreational use and environmental improvement is implemented, and are also elements of coastal defence. However, a lot of failures have been recorded, possibly due to disregarded local factors in the(More)
—Outsourcing is a strategic option which complements IT services provided internally in organizations. The maturity model for IT service outsourcing (henceforth MM-2GES) is a new holistic maturity model based on standards ISO/IEC 20000 and ISO/IEC 38500, and the frameworks and best practices of ITIL and COBIT, with a specific focus on IT outsourcing.(More)
Monitoring of the quality of bathing water in line with the European Commission bathing water directive (Directive 2006/7/EC) is a significant economic expense for those countries with great lengths of coastline. In this study a numerical model based on finite elements is generated whose objective is partially substituting the microbiological analysis of(More)