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The chemical and microbial characteristics as well as the flavor and aroma of Los Pedroches cheese made using aqueous extracts of Cynara cardunculus L. flowers were compared with those of cheeses manufactured with extracts of Cynara humilis L. throughout ripening. The two thistle species assayed were found to have no appreciable effect on the moisture, fat,(More)
Backswimmers have been recognized as the most promising predators of mosquito larvae. The aim of this investigation was to study mass rearing and egg release of Buenoa scimitra for the biological control of Culex quinquefasciatus Say. Among the most important results were that production of backswimmer eggs occurred for 263 days, and also that eggs were(More)
The efficacies of Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis (Bactimos briquets) and the backswimmer Notonecta irrorata were evaluated both individually and in combination to control mosquito larvae in plastic containers in Monterrey, Mexico. The combined strategy proved to be the most effective one.
The effect of storing farmhouse ewe cheese in oil and in vacuo over long periods of time on physicochemical properties (water activity and pH) and the microbiota of the cheese was investigated. The storage conditions were found to scarcely influence the sample pH. Also, the initial water activity (a(w) = 0.961) and its value after 9 months of storage(More)
A recombinant cyprosin from the cardoon (Cynara cardunculus L.) was assayed and compared with calf rennet in batches of ewes' milk cheese by determining different chemical, biochemical, and microbiological parameters over 4 months of ripening. There were no differences between the two types of coagulants in most chemical parameters, a(w), and pH.(More)
BACKGROUND Enzymes present in the flowers of Cynara cardunculus (cyprosins) are used in the production of some traditional Spanish and Portuguese cheeses, replacing animal rennet. The aim of this work was to study the changes that take place in free amino acids during the ripening of a goat's milk cheese (Murcia al Vino) manufactured with plant coagulant(More)
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