Luis T. Antelo

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In this work, a systematic approach to plant-wide control design is proposed. The approach combines ingredients from process networks, thermodynamics and systems theory to derive robust decentralized controllers that will ensure complete plant stability. The proposed methodology will be illustrated on a reactor network exhibiting complex behaviour.
To develop a species recognition system for a resettable trap using novel species identification techniques. Classical Eigenface based identification techniques are widely used in human faced detection domain. In this research Eigen faced based technique is used to identify the feral animals like Possums, cat and Weasels. When traditional Eigen faced(More)
Carla Lopes, Luis T. Antelo, Amaya Franco-Uría*, Carlos Botana, Antonio A. Alonso Process Engineering Group, Marine Research Institute IIM-CSIC Eduardo Cabello, 6 36208 Vigo, Spain. Dept. of Chemical Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Santiago de Compostela, Campus Vida, 15705 Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Environment Division-Vigo Port(More)
The problem of integrated process and control system design is discussed in this paper. We formulate the optimization problem as a mixed-integer nonlinear programming problem subject to differential-algebraic constraints. This class of problems is frequently non-convex and local optimization techniques usually fail to locate the global solution. Thus, we(More)
Fish discards and by-catch issues are highly topical subjects that are permanently under a social focus. Two main approaches are being considered to address this discard problem: reducing the by-catch and increasing by-catch utilization. Interest in increased by-catch valorization may arise from a greater demand for fish products, such as the development of(More)
Reuse and valorisation of fish by-products is a key process for marine resources conservation. Usually, fishmeal and oil processing factories collect the by-products generated by fishing port and industry processing activities, producing an economical benefit to both parts. In the same way, different added-value products can be recovered by the valorisation(More)
Freeze-drying is considered to be an attractive dehydration method of preserving the quality of high value foods products. Unfortunately, it is an expensive operation, which calls for efficient tools capable of minimizing time and/or energy while preserving product quality. In this work, time-scale analysis has been applied to a detailed firstprinciple(More)
In this work we describe a conceptual approach which has been recently developed to design efficient decentralized control structures for flexible chemical plant operation. The approach combines concepts from thermodynamics, inventory networks and process control to construct a set of stable and robust decentralized control candidate structures. Such(More)