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The robustness of a multiresidue method has been analysed for the extraction and quantification of sulfamethoxypyridazine, sulfamethoxazole and sulfadimethoxine in porcine kidney by HPLC-DAD through a Plackett-Burman design. Two experimental responses were examined, the mean recovery from three replicates (accuracy) and their standard deviation (precision).(More)
Organophosphates like O,O-diethyl O-2-isopropyl-6-methyl pyrimidinyl-4-g-1-phosphorothioate (diazinon) are pesticides used worldwide, which can affect both animals and man even after a single exposure. Whereas their toxicity is due to acetylcholinesterase inhibition, their secondary toxic effects have been related to free oxygen radicals. This study(More)
A study of the feasibility of focused microwave-assisted Soxhlet extraction of acorn oil and comparison of results from analysis of trans fatty acids in the oil thus obtained with those for oils obtained by use of other methods commonly used for oil extraction are reported here. The proposed method was optimized by means of a 21-experiment screening design(More)
This work shows that front face fluorescence spectroscopy associated to partial least squares (PLS) calibration is a fast and simple method to assess the nutritional impact of heat treatment on milk samples. Emission spectra of tryptophan (Trp) and of advanced Maillard products (AMP) were recorded on intact milk samples non-heated and heated at seven(More)
Toxic effects of pesticides are commonly associated with DNA damage. To evaluate the effect of the organophosphate diazinon on sperm DNA and to test whether melatonin could prevent this damage, male mice were intraperitoneally treated with melatonin, diazinon (1/3 or 2/3 LD50) or both; cauda epididymal spermatozoa were obtained on days 1 and 32(More)
The validation of an analytical procedure means the evaluation of some performance criteria such as accuracy, sensitivity, linear range, capability of detection, selectivity, calibration curve, etc. This implies the use of different statistical methodologies, some of them related with statistical regression techniques, which may be robust or not. The(More)
A sensitive and cheap FIA, with amperometric detection, analytical procedure is developed in this paper to determine sulfadiazine, sulfamethazine and sulfamerazine in milk. A multicriteria optimization based on the use of a desirability function is used for optimizing two analytical responses (peak height and its variability) since single-objective(More)
Robust chemometric techniques such as least median of squares regression, H15 Huber estimator and Lenth's method are fundamental tools in the validation of analytical methods since they contribute the strategies needed to estimate efficiently parameters such as robustness, linear range, selectivity, accuracy (trueness and precision) and the capability of(More)
Exposure to excess testosterone (T) during fetal life has a profound impact on the metabolic and reproductive functions in the female's postnatal life. However, less is known about the effects of excess testosterone in males. The aim of the present study was to evaluate the impact (consequences) of an excess of T during fetal development on mature male(More)
A non-separative, fast and inexpensive spectrofluorimetric method based on the second order calibration of excitation-emission fluorescence matrices (EEMs) was proposed for the determination of carbaryl, carbendazim and 1-naphthol in dried lime tree flowers. The trilinearity property of three-way data was used to handle the intrinsic fluorescence of lime(More)