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Deterministic Boolean networks have been used as models of gene regulation and other biological networks. One key element in these models is the update schedule, which indicates the order in which states are to be updated. We study the robustness of the dynamical behavior of a Boolean network with respect to different update schedules (synchronous,(More)
In this work some preliminary numerical results obtained by large scale simulations of the sequential dynamics of a neural network model for the graph bisection problem on random geometrically connected graphs are presented. It can be concluded that the sequential dynamic is a low cost, effective and very fast local minima optimization heuristic for the(More)
Imaging spectroscopy integrates conventional imaging and spectroscopy to attain both spatial and spectral information from an object. Processing and analysis of a hypercube can be a hard task. Robust methods for hyperspectral data classification are required, insensitive to imaging deficiencies and high input dimension. Mushrooms have a thin and porous(More)