Luis Rosero Bixby

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The author uses census data to examine the impact of nuptiality on the fertility transition in Latin America. He finds that fertility decreased among adolescents during the 1960s, although no trend was observed for later decades. However, "an increase of legal marriages in connection with consensual unions was also observed. Apart from an [increase] in(More)
OBJECTIVES Recent studies in Central America indicate that mortality attributable to chronic kidney disease (CKD) is rising rapidly. We sought to determine the prevalence and regional variation of CKD and the relationship of biologic and socio-economic factors to CKD risk in the older-adult population of Costa Rica. METHODS We used data from the Costa(More)
Explanations of the fertility transition in Costa Rica, as elsewhere in developing societies, have stressed the impacts of socioeconomic changes on the demand for children and of increased supply of family planning services. This paper goes beyond this demand-supply paradigm and examines the additional causal contribution of the "contagion" of birth(More)
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