Luis Ribeiro

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In recent years, the fields of reconfigurable manufacturing systems, holonic manufacturing systems, and multiagent systems have made technological advances to support the ready reconfiguration of automated manufacturing systems. While these technological advances have demonstrated robust operation and been qualitatively successful in achieving(More)
Future industrial systems can be realized using the Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) that advocate the co-existence of cyber and physical counterparts in a network structure to perform the system’s functions in a collaborative manner. MultiAgent systems share common ground with CPS and can empower them with a multitude of capabilities in their efforts to(More)
The present article describes the development of a standard-based software infrastructure, supported by the Service Oriented Architecture paradigm, for the management of complex distributed energy systems where efficient energy production, distribution and consumption are considered. The work has been developed on the context of the NEMO&CODED project(More)
An Evolvable Production System (EPS) is a complex and lively entity composed of intelligent modules that interact, through bio-inspired mechanisms, to ensure high system availability and seamless reconfiguration. The diagnosis of such dynamic systems, characterized by constant change, presents new diagnostic challenges and opportunities that can hardly be(More)
This paper discusses the main problematic, misunderstandings and gaps associated with the development of self-organizing multiagent mechatronic systems. The paper reflects the authors' experience in designing and implementing Multiagent Mechatronic Systems. It also partly addresses the work developed under the FP7 IDEAS project (rated an EU FP7 success(More)