Luis R. Murillo-Zamorano

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The aim of this paper is to extend the existing literature about efficiency measurement in primary health care with the application of a recently developed method to deal with exogenous variables. In this context, these variables are represented by the main characteristics of the covered population. The use of this technique allows calculating more accurate(More)
The accuracy required in the measurement of output is an issue that has as yet still not been satisfactorily addressed in empirical research on efficiency in primary health care. We exploit information retrieved from a newly constructed database (APEX06) for the Spanish region of Extremadura. The richness of our dataset allows us to consider original(More)
Parametric frontier models and non-parametric methods have monopolised the recent literature on productive efficiency measurement. Empirical applications have usually dealt with either one or the other group of techniques. This paper applies a range of both types of approaches to an industrial organisation setup. The joint use can improve the accuracy of(More)
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