Luis Núñez Chiroque

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We present a 15 year male patient with more than 2 years of clinical symptoms. Patient has abdominal pain with episodes of partial intestinal occlusion, recurrent diarrhea, weight loss and fever. Lab findings were PCR: 92, 17: albumine: 3,2 gr/dl, microcitic hipocromic anemia (10 gr%). Hepatoesplenomegaly in the Echo in TAC there was a thickness of the(More)
A significant amount of effort is been invested in constructing effective solutions for sentiment analysis and topic detection, but mostly for English texts. Using a corpus of Spanish tweets, we present a comparative analysis of different approaches and classification techniques for these problems.
In this paper we present an algorithm, called conauto-2.0, that can efficiently compute a set of generators of the automorphism group of a graph, and test whether two graphs are isomorphic, finding an isomorphism if they are. This algorithm uses the basic individualization/refinement technique, and is an improved version of the algorithm conauto, which has(More)
Graph automorphism (GA) is a classical problem, in which the objective is to compute the automorphism group of an input graph. In this work we propose four novel techniques to speed up algorithms that solve the GA problem by exploring a search tree. They increase the performance of the algorithm by allowing to reduce the depth of the search tree, and by(More)
Tumor fibroso solitario confinado en el mesenterio del intestino delgado (íleon) In 1942 Stout and Murray first described hemangiopericy-toma (HPC) as a vascular tumor composed of Zimmerman's pericytes. 1 In 1980 Wagner made the first histologic description of a solitary fibrous tumor (SFT) in the pleura, 2 and in 1931 Klemperer and Rabin recognized it as a(More)
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