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A new scheme based on the Taylor's method for ODEs is used to compute the symbolic monodromy matrix of linear periodic systems in function of their parameters. Using the symbolic Monodromy matrix in terms of the parameters we are able to find the stability chart of parametric excited systems which gives the boundaries between stable and unstable regions.
1 This paper presents a methodology to evaluate the effectiveness of a bicycle treatment (bike boxes) 2 at intersections using a before-after surrogate safety analysis based on longitudinal video-data analysis. 3 As a surrogate safety measure, cyclists’ red-light violations are quantified for two periods before and two 4 periods after the installation of a(More)
In this paper are proposed two control algorithms, based on the sliding-mode technique, to track a trajectory and regulate the force ejected by the end effector in a 4-DOF Scara robot system subject to a position constraint. The system may be in non-constrained motion at some time, or in constrained motion at some other time. It is shown that the nonlinear(More)
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